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We work closely with our clients and partners co-creating and implementing impact strategies, that transform their operation, business and financing models. In this process we are using our proprietary technology Impact Learning™, that helps us to identify, grow, communicate and scale social impacts. This generates huge value for both business development and community development. Our company business model continuously evolves with the ultimate goal of sharing accumulated value with our clients and partners for the longest term.



Impact Learning™ is our proprietary data science solutions to adopt to infrastructural conditions and data literacy level in developing regions.

Through partnership with different organizations, we enable data literacy at frontline communities, develop automated impact communication mechanisms, and co-create value with end-beneficiaries and organizations via two-way impact datafication strategies. We are developing Impact Learning™ technology as an impact intelligence that largely increases capacity of our clients and our own implementation team to scale up impactful projects.

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Impact Data Readiness Index, or IDRI, is a metric for us to understand potential problems and solutions to implement impact data technologies in areas in China with different developmental levels. If you wish to understand how impact data intelligence can be used to scale up your project’s impact, and how to implement such intelligence on your project site, please click on the link below to get a quick assessment. We will be happy to get in touch with you about how to help you more.


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Hong Kong

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    Hong Kong
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  • C11, 5F, Block E, CR Land Building,
    Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
    e-mail: info@shanzhai.city

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  • Room 306, Shanghai Creative Warehouse,
    195 Guangfu Road, Shanghai, China
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